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Most couples believe that choosing the right wedding photographer is enough to get their dream pictures, and usually, it is. But there is always that one shot you feel you missed and wish you had told your wedding photographer to click. If you are making plans to embark on your journey down the aisle, then you need to make sure that every precious moment is immortalized through the lens. Enter the wedding photography checklist – your most important list to help guide your photographer to capture all the details of your big day!  

The experts at AVS360 are here to offer you all the valuable recommendations and insights that will allow you to ensure that no special moment from your wedding goes undocumented. From pre-wedding shots to reception pictures, we are here to help you capture the magic of your love story with the best wedding photography checklist! 

A Comprehensive Photography Checklist for Your Big Day

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Your wedding day will be a complex and intricate event full of different details that hold special meaning to you. 

While your wedding photographer will definitely have a wealth of experience when it comes to shooting pictures, it is important to remember that no two couples are the same. There may be some details unique only to you and your partner. 

Coming up with a wedding photography checklist is a great way to ensure you and your wedding photographer are on the same page. It also gives you the chance to discuss what your priorities are when it comes to shooting the wedding photos. 

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry.

We have created the ultimate shot list to add to your wedding photography checklist. 

(This list is fairly extensive, so it’s best to have a sit-down with your photographer before the wedding and pick the shots you wish to prioritize.) 

Pre-Wedding Detail Shots

The tiny details in your wedding are what represent you and your partner. It is these details that you will give your wedding character and make it unique. From your wedding rings to your wedding stationery, here is every detail you should have for your pre-wedding photography checklist. 

Getting Ready Photos

Capture the pre-ceremony buzz and excitement by adding getting-ready photos to the wedding photography checklist! 

Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

Before the Ceremony

First Look

This one is entirely optional, but many couples are choosing the “first look” picture session for their wedding photography checklist to spend some quiet moments together before the ceremony. This is also the perfect time to get in those portrait shots if you want to make the most of the light. 

Ceremony Shots

The main ceremony is where all the magic happens – where you vow your love to one another and will be announced as newlyweds. Here’s what you can include in your wedding photography checklist for the ceremony. 

Portraits & Group Shots

Portrait and group shots are usually taken once the ceremony ends, and your guests are busy with the cocktail hour. You can also get these pictures before the ceremony in case you wish to attend the cocktail hour. 

Add the following portraits and group pictures to your wedding photography checklist. 

Candid Shots

Reception Highlights

Having a Photography Checklist Can Ease Your Wedding Day Woes

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A wedding photography checklist can significantly enhance the quality of photos captured on your wedding day. It can also help you actually enjoy your wedding day without worrying about whether your wedding photographer is getting all the details through their lens. 

Here is why having a wedding photography checklist can ease your wedding day woes. 

Comprehensive Coverage

A wedding photography checklist will ensure that all essential moments are captured, from getting ready to the ceremony, reception, and everything in between. It will also help you organize the photography schedule to ensure no crucial moment is missed.

Efficient Planning

By outlining the shots beforehand, you can plan the timing and logistics for each segment of the day with your wedding photographer. This ensures that there is enough time allocated for each shot, maximizing the opportunity to capture stunning images without feeling rushed.

No Missed Opportunities

Weddings are fast-paced events with numerous fleeting moments of emotion and joy. With a wedding photography checklist at hand, your wedding photographer is less likely to miss out on capturing these candid moments, ensuring that every tear, laugh, and heartfelt embrace is immortalized.

Communication & Collaboration

A checklist of wedding photos prepared beforehand allows open communication between you and the photographer. It allows you to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific shots you want, ensuring all your expectations are met.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, having a checklist gives you peace of mind, knowing that your wedding photography is in capable hands. It is definitely going to allow you to relax and enjoy your special day, confident that every precious moment is being expertly documented for you to cherish for years to come.


Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, love, and cherished moments you’ll want to remember forever. With the help of a comprehensive wedding photography checklist, you can ensure that every precious moment is beautifully captured, from the intimate exchanges between the couple to the heartfelt embraces shared with family and friends.

Remember to trust in the process, enjoy every moment, and rest assured that your wedding day will be beautifully captured through the lens of your chosen wedding photographer.

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