Outstanding wedding photography is not a casual way of documenting the wedding. It is a highly skilled, painstaking way of approaching the event, where we always search for intimate, natural, and honest moments to capture. To achieve excellence, we always try to develop a discerning mind-set that allows us to capture images that have an intangible X-factor, which only comes from pictures that have elements working together in harmony.
The desires of the modern client are quickly evolving. To keep up, we at AVS360 always flex our creativity and skill, pushing ourselves to meet a challenging set of higher standards. Photojournalism, a relaxed posing approach, and artistic editing are regularly requested by brides and grooms. They now want both the traditional and nontraditional merged together into a unique product for their important day.

To increase our image sales, we always adapt to the changing standards and learn to capture moments of real emotional resonance—to refocus our intent on capturing moments of interplay between people. We are always looking for moments that demonstrate the height of emotion and tell stories in innovative and touching ways. We try to create a piece of art that will last a lifetime for our client. Through practice, we have learnt to create beautiful images that look polished enough to have been posed. Essentially, we have to retrain ourselves to instantly capture fleeting, instantaneous moments as they occur. Then, in post-production, we always apply any enhancements needed to make the images stand out. We know how to capture a good quantity of quality images and style them in a unique and personalized manner, so that we can document beautiful and elusive moments for our clients and raise our profit margin as we do it. This is a personal challenge for every wedding photographer with AVS360 that never ends.

A wedding day is filled with important interactions, expressions, and emotions. Capturing the moments that matter and producing sale-able, heirloom-quality images is a skill that makes us more of a commodity as the most sort after DC wedding Photographers. AVS Photo and Video can help you to choose the Wedding Photographer in Washington DC. We are consistent in providing a personalized and high-quality product. These skills are best accomplished when we pair intuition with preparation and experience. We know what equipment assists us, where to stand, and precisely when to push the shutter button. This comes from practice.

Candid wedding photography is highly personal, and we know that we must release all of our control over the situation. The portraits that we capture are instantaneous and emotionally charged, so we never force or disrupt them. To document them honestly, we always work unobtrusively. Only when the subject is oblivious to our presence we achieve genuine, natural expression. We always try to push ourselves to practice a total lack of interference while still creating a refined and creative composition.

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