Perhaps the best way to get to know your clients is to offer an engagement photography session as part of your wedding coverage (most photographers offer this session at no charge because it affords them two to three hours of bonding time with the couple). This session is usually conducted prior to the wedding when everyone is relaxed and there’s plenty of time to get something spectacular. This also allows the portrait to be used in newspapers and local magazines to announce the couple’s wedding day.Engagement portraits may involve great creativity and intimacy and may be made in the photographer’s studio or at some location that is special to the couple. The session may even include multiple locations, providing great variety.

Usually, the couple is dressed casually for these shots, and often the poses are romantic in nature. Many photographers use these images to create a separate engagement album that the couple can purchase in addition to the wedding album.

The engagement session is a good time to test Photographer’s theories, based on observation, about what poses and expressions will most flatter the subjects. If they observe that the bride tends to lapse into a half-smile that may or not be attractive, making a few frames of her in that expression and evaluation helps. The photographer will find the solution as they are working and it may be as simple as saying something like, “You have a lovely smile, you should show it more often.”

Such flattery will, of course, encourage the bride to smile in a full manner more often.

At AVS360 we make sure that the Engagement photography session is as beautiful and memorable as the wedding day itself. Also during the engagement photography session, we evaluate what are the best and natural expressions for the bride and groom and their close ones so that the session’s execution is at the best.

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