Wedding proposals are the best. The marriage proposal is one of the most ritualized moments in modern American life. It is the most romantic way of telling the one you love that you want to marry him/her. Before you get to the wedding part there’s always those proposal jitters that how are you going to tell your counterpart that you have finally made up your mind and want to say those wedding vows together. It is a dream for every girl to be proposed in the most romantic way possible and that too a wedding proposal.


AVS360 offers remarkable wedding proposal videography for you. It might have been that the couple has missed out on the romantic proposal they wished for in their life or they want to recreate that moment with a video so that it could last forever with them, so we are here to make that true for you by making a video on how you wanted your proposal to look like, with the couple as the main characters. Capturing the main essence of the proposal is essential in a video. Every proposal has a different story but what’s similar is that every single time when one is going to say those words; that moment is filled with nothing but love for their counterpart, it is the amalgamation of all the feelings that the couple had for each other since they were together. AVS360 has extensive experience in DC wedding videography, Indian wedding videography and countless other themed videography projects, which makes us the best in the business. We know how to tell a story with our Unique Wedding Proposal Videos, the perfect story of your proposal cinematographed by our best videographer.

From the very beginning on how the couple met and evolved perfectly in a relationship to the point where one of them was convinced that he/she is perfect for him/her, we will portray each and every aspect of the ups and downs of the relationship beautifully in a video that will perfectly show the characters of the couple and their relationship. Our videographers are endowed with the perfect knowledge of cinematography from their experience in wedding videography and proposal videography projects.


We suggest the best proposal ideas for you, based on your relationship and partner’s interest.

We create a comprehensive plan of your ideal Video.

We include meeting locations, a detailed map and schedule the time for the Shoot.

We take care of every little detail of the day like flowers, restaurants and obviously the videographer that would capture the moments beautifully.

One the day of the shoot, the videographer will be in touch with you, every step of the way to ensure the shoot runs smoothly.


Select a sentimental location
For example, it could be the restaurant where you had your first date, the rooftop bar where you shared your first kiss, or the spot where you first said “I love you.” Going back to that locale now as the setting for your proposal signifies that your relationship has come full circle, and that is what we recommend for the best shoot.

Surprise her by having family and friends share in this moment
They could be right there with you, perhaps at a family gathering or holiday dinner. Or, if you’d like the proposal to be just the two of you, you could arrange to have your closest loved ones just out of view, maybe looking on from a nearby vantage point. After you pop the question and she says “yes,” wave everyone in for a big group hug and lots of congratulations. It’s the best of both worlds — you get a lovely, intimate moment alone and then have all of your favorite people share in your happiness immediately afterwards.

Incorporating Meaningful music to wedding proposal video
Do you have a song that is meaningful to the both of you? Or, does she remember the first song you ever slow-danced to? (You can subtly ask her without giving away your plan.) Having a sweet tune playing in the background elevates your proposal to “unforgettable” status.

If you are looking to hire a videographer to capture your marriage proposal in Springfield, VA and Washington DC area, contact AVS360. We have the team of top rated wedding videographers, with expertise in Indian wedding videography. We capture your memorable moments, which you would cherish throughout life.

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