Indian weddings are an epitome of celebrations. They just go on and on for days with the plethora of events being organized just for the boy and the girl to tie the knot. These are special moments not just for the Bride and Groom but for the whole family who will cherish these moments forever, capturing them on photos is the best way to make them everlasting. Photos are a way to connect with the past; to relive the treasured memories. We at AVS have the best solutions to make these moments everlasting for you and in a unique way.
Wedding Photography is an intricate idiom. It is much more than a plain document, every photo tells its own story. There are various emotions that are tied to that captured moment. To click the perfect pictures one must be equipped with proper knowledge about a typical Indian Wedding photography. Our wedding photographers have the best set of skills and experience to give you an unmatched experience.


The Indian Wedding is a mix of event that takes place one after another each holding its own distinction. From the pre-wedding ceremonies to of course the wedding itself and then the post wedding ones and the list just goes on. For such a diverse set of events photographers need to have an insight on the event they are covering. One has to be involved full time from the beginning to the end so as to interpret the whole wedding in to a story. Also there are pre-wedding shoots that are very much trending. AVS takes care of the vastness of the shoot and helps in choosing the Best Wedding Photographer.

As the timeline of the Indian wedding is diverse, AVS is always ready to face the demanding nature of the event. Wedding Photographers will come across various situations where it is very easy to mess it up; also people keep on coming up with random requests which might make the photographer miss an important moment. Keeping all such blunders in mind we try to give a seamless experience and the most candid photos where each and every moment that matters will be embedded in to photographic timeline.


The Indian Weddings are like carnival of emotions. Each event gives you the thrill of a different ride. Photography being a major part of your wedding you have be sure that you don’t miss out on anything. While it is very important that you spend certain amount of time with the photographer before the wedding to sort out things but making sure nothing is overdone. Let’s have a look at itinerary of stuff you need to stress on before you get going with the wedding photography and the photographer for the typical Indian wedding:

Spend ample amount of time with the photographer to make sure he understands what you are looking for, make your vision clear of what you require, what people are important to you. The more time you spend with him the more precise your project will turn out to be.

Listen to what the photographer has to say. You may have things planned out for you but you need to understand the photographer’s way.
We provide various techniques and models to work on for a particular shoot. You choose a theme and we are ready to go.
Indian weddings require patience. Same goes for the photographer; he has a lot of work which is unpredictable and challenging. Don’t stress out and let the photographer do his work.

If you are very much worried with how the photography will turn and will everything you require would be captured or not? Well you don’t need to worry. You can put up a family member along with the photographer as his sub ordinate. That would be useful for both sides.

Always make sure about lightening of the venue you have chosen, infact the wedding photographer must be acquainted with the venues of the events to take place that way he can pan out his photography in advance.
You can plan your personalize shoots for every event as well. The couple can take out time before every event (around 20-30 minutes) so as to take some portraits and candid pictures which could serve as the cover of the event album.

We at AVS have learned through experience having dealt in 1000 of weddings we provide the best wedding photography experience minus the haste involved as we have everything covered for you

The Indian weddings involve a hell lot guests in all of their events but reception stands out in that matter. As more people can be involved in the reception than any other event; the more the people the more is the work for the photographer. Usually in a typical Indian wedding reception everyone wants to have a photo with the Bride and the Groom, thus a large number of portraits have to be clicked. Beside to that there are family portraits that are of major significance. Opting for a second photographer is not a bad option as there would be surplus of portraits with people for which you wouldn’t want to waste the time of the main photographer. Discuss with the photographer what members of the family you would want him to shoot a family portrait of, as everyone out there would want a happy picture with the couple. Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery of our best wedding photography portfolios.

Choosing AVS will let you enjoy the moment while we would be capturing your happiness and joy, making every emotion a worthwhile memory that would be everlasting in your life.

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