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And so it has happened! You are finally engaged to be married and ready to begin your wedding planning in full swing with a swoon-worthy Pinterest board. Now, all you need to do is find the perfect wedding photographer who can capture the details of your beautiful wedding. So, how can you choose a wedding photographer that is right for you? A great place to start is by knowing the top 21 questions to ask your wedding photographer in 2024. 

You might think that “21 questions” may seem oddly specific. We know there are multiple lists out there with more than 100 questions you can ask a wedding photographer before hiring them. 

That is why we have done the hard work for you and narrowed the list down to just the 21 actually useful questions you can ask your wedding photographer in 2024. 

21 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

The Basics

Believe it or not, wedding photographers who are good at their jobs get booked at least a year in advance. So, asking a prospective wedding photographer if they are available on the date of your big day is the first question you should be asking.

The answer to this question can help you determine the photographer’s availability and give you a general idea of their credibility. A highly experienced photographer might be more limited to accepting just any dates, so if you are looking to hire the best of the best, you might have to be a bit flexible with your wedding dates. 

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If the wedding photographer says no to this question, it’s not technically a deal breaker. If the photographer has worked at your venue before, that’s just an additional perk as they will be well versed with the layout and have experience with the lighting conditions. 

If the photographer answers in the negative, a good follow-up question would be to ask them if they’d like to tour it with you to get the lay of the land. 

Taking a look at their portfolio will allow you to get a feel of their work and check whether their style matches the photography style you have in mind for your big day. You will also get a better idea of how they capture the story on the day, how they manage to take pictures in different lighting conditions, and if their shooting style is consistent throughout. 

This is a vital question – each wedding photographer is different, not only in their shooting style but also in their pricing and packaging structure. Some photographers can offer set packages, while others can create custom wedding photography packages that could differ based on the client. 

It will be good for your wedding planning to be clear about what the wedding photographer is willing to offer you from the very beginning. 

Many wedding photographers have begun offering various add-ons that are provided outside of what is being offered to you as part of the wedding photography package. It’s definitely a good idea to ask this question before your wedding. You might be surprised at the creative goodies that your wedding photographer has to offer you! 

Lots of wedding photographers offer packages that are solely based on the number of hours they will be planning to work. In short, they will charge you per hour for the number of hours they work on your wedding day. So it’s definitely a great idea to know what any additional hours will cost if you need to add them at the last minute. 

This question might seem weird, but hear us out. 

A lot of photography companies have a front person who is responsible for conversing and then an actual photographer who shows up on your wedding day. There is a chance that you might not necessarily end up with the photographer of your choice. It’s better to be safe and double-check that the person you are discussing your vision and corresponding with is also the one who shows up on your big day.  

Weddings get postponed or canceled all the time (remember the pandemic?), so it’s a good idea to know beforehand what kind of cancellation and refund policy your wedding photographer is willing to offer before you go ahead and book them. 

The Photography

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There are multiple types of wedding photography styles – documentary, candid, traditional, contemporary, etc., among others. You can ask your photographer what their photography style is to see if it matches your vision for the wedding pictures. 

Pro tip: Ask the photographer to show you their favorite picture they shot at a recent wedding. This will surely give you an excellent idea of their shooting style. 

Your wedding photographer’s photo editing style will also play a major role in determining the end result of your wedding pictures. Make a note of whether their style is bright, moody, or timeless. Try to get an idea of how your photographer plans to get cohesive looks in different lighting situations throughout the day. 

A shot list is a list you compile and hand over to your photographer as the must-have pictures they need to get on your wedding day. Most photographers accept the list with no questions asked. However, we do recommend trusting the photographer that you hire and not getting too hung up on your personal shot list. 

This is another big question that you need answered. Most photographers absolutely have to have a second photographer so they can make sure they capture all the details. But there are a few who trust themselves enough to shoot alone and get the work done. Either way, it’s good to know if a second photographer will be a part of your package. 

Does the photographer you have in mind have consistently good reviews across various sites? It’s important to know how other people have fared with the wedding photographer as it can give you a good idea of their working style. 

The answer to this usually depends on the duration of your wedding. Expert photographers try to provide a highly-curated gallery of the best-edited photos, around 400-800. This could be more or less depending on the length of the wedding. 

Every wedding photographer works at a different pace, so it’s good to ask this question beforehand. This way, you can be prepared and set your expectations of how long it will take to get access to your wedding gallery after the wedding. 

Buying a tangible reminder of your wedding pictures is a great way to have them at hand and reminisce about them years down the line. Another reason to ask this question is that the print quality of the album you will get from a wedding photographer will be much better than some random over-the-counter printing service. 

The Day of the Wedding

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Depending on the location of your wedding and where your wedding photographer resides, you might have to pay additional travel costs for them and/or the second photographer. Make sure that the photographer is being transparent with you regarding any other traveling expenses. 

Make sure that you get the arrival time of the photographer locked in the contract. Do you want them to be there before you reach so they can capture you while you are getting ready? Or do you want them to meet you directly for the ceremony? 

Most couples usually opt for the photographer to trail them the entire day, but you can avoid these extra hours in case you are on a strict budget and request for the photographer to meet you directly at the venue. 

Weddings can get super long, especially if you want to capture each and every detail. So ask your photographer what time they are willing to stay until. Most photographers tend to leave after the cake-cutting ceremony. The time scale of their working hours can be specified in the contract. 

Things do sometimes land right up in the air, so it’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan in case Plan A fails to work. 

Because your wedding photographer will be performing one of the most important jobs of the day, it is important for you to ask them if they have a backup plan in case they are unable to attend on the day of the wedding. 


Now that you’re armed with the 21 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer, it’s time to take action! 

Schedule consultations with potential photographers armed with your list of questions. Don’t hesitate to dive deep into each aspect of their work, from their experience and style to their pricing and communication methods. 

Remember, finding the right photographer is a crucial step in ensuring that your wedding day is captured with authenticity and beauty. So, don’t delay – reach out to photographers today and embark on the journey towards finding the perfect match to preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.

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