DC Wedding Photography is one of the most popular photography genres in Washington DC and nearby areas. If you don’t believe us, take a look around the wedding venue the next time you get invited. Almost all the guests try to document every detail of the wedding – right from the bride walking down the aisle to the couple’s first dance.

Of course, not everyone takes photos with a professional-grade camera. Most guests use a mobile phone or even an excellent entry-level DSLR camera. But weddings and their happy moments always compel people to take photos.

Actual wedding photography, where the couple hires a professional like us who has experience in this line of work, isn’t as easy as carrying a camera and snapping pictures of the couple. Nor is it as fashionable as it may seem.
But there are still some incredible things about DC Wedding Photography.



  1. We’re Part of Someone’s Special Day

Weddings are amongst the most memorable moments in a person’s life. There’s so much emotion all around, and people put away their differences and come together to celebrate as a family. Being surrounded by all that love & warmth is something we enjoy.

We enjoy how a mom’s eyes mist up when she sees her son all grown up and ready to start his new life, that instant when a dad realizes that his little girl is not so little anymore, and the first kiss between a married couple! What can we say – we are a hopeless romantic at heart and enjoy being part of someone’s special day.

There is always something or the other that’s happening in the background, and each wedding we photograph is different. We get to spend all our time capturing the romance, joy, laughter, excitement, and many other photographic moments for the couple in question.

  1. Wedding Photography offers Much More Than Just Photos

As wedding photographers, we find ourselves wearing so many different hats throughout the day. We work through many different photography styles like candid shots, family portraits, food, and florals.

And we’re also using soft skills like relationship building, emotional support, coordinating family dynamics, and easing last-minute nerves in a fast-paced environment.

Sometimes the bride is missing her shoes and cannot remember where she put them, or bridal flowers don’t arrive on time. A lot happens and often at the same time. Our multi-tasking skills have vastly improved since we became wedding photographers. 

  1. We Develop Great Technical Skills

There’s so much more to taking a photo than simply clicking the shutter. Many things need to fall in place, like lighting, composition, and subject matter. These are particularly important when we take wedding photos.
There have been weddings where we had the perfect light, location, and couple, whereas sometimes many things went wrong. 

Often, bad weather forces the ceremony to be moved to an indoor location with terrible lighting, and we had to perfect using multiple off-camera flashes very quickly. And many times, we don’t have the luxury of analyzing all the factors at our own pace.

  1. We Have a Diverse Photography Portfolio

Being in the photography industry long enough, we know how competitive the market is. It seems like every day, thousands of people say they’re a DC Wedding Photographer because they have a camera and took an online class. 

If you have also been doing this for some time now, you know that one of the toughest things about being a Wedding Photographer in Washington DC is getting a steady stream of clients.

The good thing with Washington DC Wedding Photographers is that if you do an excellent job with a client, they will likely keep coming back to you for more life events. These events can be anything from family and friends engagement photography, maternity photos, baby photos, etc.,  and they’ll also refer you to their family and friends.

  1. We Get to Photograph Happy Moments

People spend many hours preparing and getting ready for their big day as professional hair and makeup are involved, fancy clothes are worn, and people look beautiful not only from the outside but also inside.
The joy that radiates from a happy couple is infectious, and we cannot help feel happy and euphoric to photograph them on one of the most memorable days of their life.


Wedding photography is truly a fantastic gift that we at AVS Photo & Video give to our clients. We do our best to give everyone a great experience when they have their picture taken. By doing this, we make people happy and appreciative. Beyond the money, the fame, and the creative satisfaction, this is the most exciting part of being a Wedding Photographer in Washington DC.

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