1. “Getting ready” shots: Wedding dresses are the center of attraction especially the ones worn by the bride and groom and their family members. So, one must always pick up the best outfits for family portraits. The wedding dress is quite important for both bride and groom as it is valuable to them practically and emotionally. So, capturing shots when the bride and groom are putting on their attire is a very good option. The wedding photographers must be on their toes to capture the right moments and turn them into a piece of art. Pre-wedding moments allow you to capture light moments shared between the friends of the bride and groom.

  2. The couple photos: As the year’s pass, photos reflecting the love between the couple are cherished the most. Sometimes funny and sometimes romantic, the couple photos are the perfect hunger buster for a photographer’s appetite. However, the photographer must keep in mind not to make the couple conscious and let them enjoy their natural moments.

  3. The bridal dress: What is more important to a wedding than the attire don by the bride? Of all the attractions at the wedding, all the guests are curious to see how the bride looks. People who are not able to attend the wedding first ask for the pictures of the bride. The wedding photographers must ensure that they do not miss a single moment of emotion that surrounds the bride.

  4. Family portraits: A photograph that brings all the family members together and happy is a must. Family portraits are so beautiful in themselves that they do not demand much creativity from the photographer.


There is no magic spell woven by the wedding photographers without the support of the client and all the family member and friends. Whether it is a simple bride, groom’s photograph or a family portrait the client needs to cooperate with the photographer. Capturing creative moments requires a lot of, do’es on the client’s part. Only hiring the best wedding photographer might not solve the purpose. We have shortlisted the most important tips for the client to consider before going into the wedding event.

  1. Pre-meetings with the photographer: It’s important for the client and the photographer to develop a good rapport before the event to develop a comfort zone. It is also important for the photographer to understand beforehand the taste of the client and how they wish their event to be. A couple of pre-wedding meetings involving discussions regarding introduction to family members, style of the wedding, events, dates, and timings, etc. are always helpful in order to make the photographer understand the needs of the client.

  2. Important moments to capture: You don’t want your photographer to miss the most emotional and creative moments of your special day. You may have prepared a dance with your father, or your friends and family might have planned a special performance. All such events must be communicated to the photographers beforehand so as to give them time for preparations.

  3. The family members: Apart from the bride and groom, you should always have a special place for your relatives and friends whom you want to be a part of your wedding album. Most importantly the elderly persons like the grandparents need special attention during the photo sessions. Many of the relatives especially the in-laws who are not very familiar with the family need to be called in advance so that they don’t miss out the special moments.

Keep these tips in mind as these will be of great help in creating a special wedding album that you could cherish for years to come. If you are concerned about the way to find the best wedding photographers then do not hesitate to contact avs360 for outstanding photo and video aids for your wedding. Avs360 not only excels in providing photos and videos for weddings but also for various other events.

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