A fully fledged wedding is a hefty affair for an amateur wedding photographer. There are many challenges involved that one might not be ready to face, so if someone wants to be the best wedding photographer he needs to begin somewhere and by covering engagement ceremonies an amateur can be a proper Engagement Photographer.

Engagement ceremonies are events not as hectic as Weddings. There are fewer people, so fewer photos, so less planning and so on. A wedding photographer can learn a great deal by covering Engagement ceremonies. It will involve every step as in covering the wedding just on a much smaller scale, From initial contact and communication with the couple, learning about the event site, getting accustomed to the theme, to clicking all kind of photos such as Family Portraits to couple photos, then downloading processing the raw images and then processing the couple orders. An average session in such events can be as long as 6 to 7 hrs which is a lot less when compared to weddings where multiple events have to be covered.


Wedding Photographer

First Impressions: Being a photographer you need to have a good relationship with the client, so as to connect during the shoot. This seems basic, but the realization that some

The Preparations: While preparing for the engagement shoot, the photos which matter the most are of “The couple”. Apart from that other thing you need to do your research are on the kind of place you will be shooting in, the lightening available there, deciding the time of the day and most of all you need make sure the poses you will be shooting the couple.

The Zoom: If you want nice couple photo with blurred background tries using the 200mm zoom lens. Choose a proper background and recommended it has to be 15ft to 20ft behind the couple. Also, set the camera’s aperture to be as wide open as possible perhaps F4.5 to F2.8!

The Light: The most important factor in photography is light. Engagements ceremonies can be planned at any time of the day, indoor, outdoors so you have to be smart while clicking photos. However, A couple photo shoot can be planned separately. Going out on a bright sunny day noon will never get you good photos due to harsh lightening, dark shadows and squinty eyes. These photo sessions should take place on a sunny day but a couple of hours before sunset. Most experienced engagement photographers take images in that exact lightening with zero modifications. You will be amazed to see the quality of light that is available at that time.

Warm Up: Begin your photo session with the intent of a relaxing the crowd. Most people find it awkward to be in front of the camera and same is the case with the couples.  If the only thing you achieve during that time is to completely put the couple at ease with you, the camera, and each other (the last one should be easy) — you will get much better photos during the remainder (majority) of your session. During that session, the engagement photographer should use basic, simple and easy poses. And it is recommended that you interact with the couple during this time. Let them know its o to forget about the camera.

Lots of Photos: Don’t shy away from clicking, the more you click the more you know also you might find some interesting pictures once you get to download and processing part. Simple differences between a normal and a great photo are the angle it’s been taken from. Try to click from as many photos as possible. Most Engagement Photographer takes the event lightly and ends up with minimalistic photos and thus the clients are not impressed. You always need to be serious about what you are doing no matter the scale of it.

Unexpected Photos: Try to click people when they down their guard, click them acting naturally; don’t let them know they are being clicked. An engagement photographer should know that these photos bring out real personalities amongst people. Unexpected photos are the best. Same goes for the couple. You need to follow them and get behind to click candid photos. This method doesn’t work with every couple because it totally depends upon how naturally they interact with each other when they aren’t expecting you to be taking their pictures. Some couples will chat while aimlessly starring off into the distances – others will have an animated and happy conversation while looking into each other’s eyes and occasionally laughing.

Safeguarding: It’s necessary that once you get back from the session, you should download all the images and check if any of them are missing. After ensuring the raw images backed upstart the post-production process which also involves removing the bad photos from the bunch.

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