Indian Wedding Photography in DC

The Indian wedding photographers are credited to be the best event captures, for, they turn dream weddings into reality. The Indian weddings are the most talked about weddings across the world. An Indian marriage overseas is often epitomized as “A Big Fat Indian Wedding”, because the celebrations are often lavish and last a few days. Since a series of rituals are involved the task of photographers also increases. The wedding photographer has to be knowledgeable about the various wedding rituals followed in different regions so that they can preserve your memories captured.


With the advancement of technology and digitization, the bride and groom are more conscious of having a candid wedding shoot. The task of Indian wedding photographers is becoming tougher as now there are inputs from the couple as for how they want the photographer to capture their pictures. The location, theme all stands equally responsible for creating a splendid frame. The couples these days are even opting for pre-wedding shoots and videos to capture their love and showcase to the world. The photographers customize the shoots based on their love story and capture it in frames. The candid picture takers are expected to click all the emotions and feelings of the couple as well its family as the vows will change their lives.


A marriage is a social event attended by one and all. The focus primarily remains on the couple, but the photographers are not supposed to ignore the relatives and friends. The essence of an Indian wedding lies in these relations who make the event enjoyable and memorable. The photographer is expected to showcase the marriage as uniquely and naturally as possible. The rituals that include Mehendi, Sangeet and finally the marriage define a beautiful story in itself. The avid photographer gets a complete story to depict through its images and portray an essence of togetherness. A photographer who understands the rituals and the basis behind it will essentially capture the perfect moments in a dull frame too.


Couple in Indian Wedding

The work of a photographer starts actually after the pictures have been taken. Selecting and removing the unwanted shots needs an eye of an expert. The arrangement of the pictures and the video shots require great editing skills and holds a major place in the wedding photography. The quality of the paper that can make the picture come alive, the effects, glossy, matte, all come together in creating a lasting impression. The expectation of the couples has also raised two folds as they want to keep the memories alive all through their lives through these frames. The costs involved in getting these shoots done by professionals are huge, but still, the demand is not less. The Indian wedding photographer in DC charge between $ 2,000 to $10,000 for a single day and some even offer packages that can go up to $25,000 for a three-day celebration.

The Indian wedding photographer behind the studio AVS360 Photo & Video that is based in Washington D.C. is one that caught my attention and is an excellent source of inspiration for many newcomers in the wedding photography domain.

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