Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs! All Hindu, Sikh, Gujrati or Muslim wedding ceremonies are loaded with a number of rituals and customs, each symbolic of beautiful and noble sentiments. From the very first application of the brides Mehndi (Henna) to the gorgeous, colorful and festive wedding and reception day, our highly skilled Indian Wedding Videographer and editor will not miss a moment! We understand the amount of time and resources people involve in the planning of the event, so, why would one not want our professional Indian Wedding Videographer to create the most amazing memory of the special moments. We’ve learned the nuances of the different Indian ceremonies and all the different things to watch out for. Becoming specialists in Indian Wedding Videography, we capture every important moment, making both the couple and their families happy with the wedding video and the overall experience they have with AVS360.


Beyond capturing the most important wedding moments, Our Indian Wedding Videographer puts emphasis on capturing them with creativity. We are always in search of reflections, silhouettes, interesting foregrounds/backgrounds, and the perfect lighting for our wedding films. Our unique combination of techniques, along with our creative post-production, allows us to create amazing, creative Indian Wedding videography for your cultural Indian wedding. To justify the Indian weddings the Indian wedding videographer needs to know to the intricacies of the Indian wedding and how complex things get once the ceremonies start. There are a lot of things happening around and if one doesn’t have experience it very easy to make a mess. Typically, Indian wedding videographers are chosen based on how many weddings he or she has done. After all, not many videographers can smoothly follow a groom and his horse during baraat (the groom’s procession towards the entrance of the wedding venue, symbolizing the happy acceptance of the bride by the Groom’s family). And it’s no simple feat to unobtrusively capture the ceremony taking place under the mandap (a canopied altar which symbolizes the universe and the home that the couple will build). But in an effort to prove their skill, some videographers get so caught up in how to film the specific rituals that the videos become more about showcasing the grandeur of traditional Indian weddings and less about the union of two unique people. Our Indian wedding videographers have sound experience in covering Indian weddings of all sorts and it will show when you look at the finished product. Covering Indian weddings is tiring as well, one needs to be aware at all times what is going on and he needs to rush capture important moments and that too with finesse. Obviously one cannot be at all places at once until you have assistants, but still, a good Indian wedding videographer needs to prioritize things he needs to capture. That becomes very important if you are trying to tell a story and that always is the case with Indian wedding videographer at AVS360, we prioritize things and execute everything in an arranged manner.


Traditionally, Indian wedding Videography was done in a particular way: endless, monotonous footage, merely documenting every single thing that happens at the wedding from start to finish. Modern day Wedding Cinema is an almost polar opposite. Today, Indian wedding Videographer looks at each wedding as an opportunity to create a new, unique film. Everyone involved in the filmmaking process – from the director to the cinematographers or DoPs and the editors, are highly skilled professionals and artists in their own right. There is an effort to know the couple, their families, their story and what makes them click so as to weave that into their film, making it unique. Apart from the story, there is great emphasis on high-quality video capture, interviews to document the couples’ story in their own words as well as those of their close friends and family, and also tight editing. All of this is evident when you watch a complete, meaningful and unique film that contains every single important moment but is pacy enough to keep the viewer hooked. Particularly there are a few skills that one should look for in a modern Indian wedding videographer:

Style: First and foremost, the Indian wedding Videographer style should resonate with the couple. With so many different wedding companies out there, it’s important to look at their work and decide what kind of movie one wants. If you want it to be more conversational or more documentary if you prefer storytelling and substance or you’d like grand frames and special effects? There are no wrong answers, just what is right for you and resonates with your personality as a couple.

Experience: Like every service, the final product of a wedding film is personalized and depends on many factors – the skill and dedication of the Indian wedding videographer, the interest taken and involvement of the couple as well as the friends and family, time set aside by the couple to get good shots, open communication between the couple and Indian wedding videographer to maintain expectations etc. With so many variable factors, one of the most important ones becomes the Indian wedding videographer’s experience – those who have a reputation of consistently delivering a good body of work to their clients, being upfront about deliverables, timelines, and other processes would be more preferable to those with bad street credibility!

One Stop Solution: Lastly, it would make your life much easier to work with a team that can deliver candid Indian wedding photography and Indian wedding Videography under one banner. It cuts out on the duplication of coordination, effort, and people management.

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