INDIAN wedding checklist

Creating the perfect Indian wedding checklist can be a nightmare. The wedding day inches closer, and you struggle as the battle of emotions overshadows your cognitive ability.

It is far too easy to lose out on a magical moment because the novice photographer was lollygagging. The memories you create on the day are special. Dig in your heels and hire a professional.

In order to do so, you need the perfect checklist to keep you on track. Don’t freak out just yet. We got you covered. Follow these simple tricks and have the best possible wedding you can.


Let’s start with the facile part, so as to not overwhelm you. Procure as many books, blogs, magazines on wedding photography and study them. In other words, do your research.

Explore and discover various topics, trends, that are in fashion. You’ll be surprised how many realistic opportunities materialize seemingly out of thin air, that aligns with your goal. However, concentrate on two major aspects; Finding the best photographer and style of photography.

We already know that you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to hiring your photographer. Pick out at least three best Indian wedding photographers that fit your budget and stand out from the crowd. In the same way, settle on the style of photography you want at the wedding.

The style is the overall theme the photographer adheres to during the entirety of the wedding. Some styles that are trending in recent times are, traditional, candid, drone, movie-like, and so on. You can have multiple styles at your wedding, just make sure your photographer is aware.


Have a budget that is strict yet has just enough wiggle room. Keeping room for improvisation is the first thing they teach you in wedding photography checklist school. This way you have a solid contingency plan for those last-minute changes that are almost inevitable.

Compare the shortlisted photographers and their packages. Understand what each one has to offer and how well they fit in your budget. Keep in mind that not all photographers do both photography and videography. Don’t be shy. Ask them before you shake hands on it.


When it comes to finalizing on a photographer, never do it over the phone. It lacks the personal touch that is much need. Besides, you want to feel comfortable and approachable while interacting with your photographer.

Now we come to one of the most important aspects of the wedding photography checklist. Requesting an interview. Set up interviews with a couple of exciting prospects and get to know them, as well as their work. By asking essential questions like what prior experience do you possess, how is your team different from the rest, you get to know the agency better. It’s good to shoot from the hip in these interviews, albeit avoid offending the person.


An experienced photographer will have copious knowledge of poses and moments that are of immeasurable value. However, to avoid unnecessary confusion in the future, present a checklist of poses and moments you want to be photographed. Some priceless moments are bride and groom entrance, bride and groom with parents, just to name a few.


The last thing on your wedding photography checklist should be a copy of the photos you receive and their format. Get confirmation on trivial yet necessary things like soft copies, albums, video format, and most importantly photo privacy. If you don’t want your face on the agency’s website, you can let them know beforehand.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a gargantuan task involving a lot of time and money. Hence having a checklist will have everything moving smoothly, while you spend your time on the things that really matter.

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