A wedding is one of the monumental occasions in an individual’s life that leaves a poignant impression for years to come. While, there are myriad traditions and ways in which marriages happen around the world, Indian weddings, in particular, are known for the extra oomph and charm!

If you are looking forward to hiring the services of a professional wedding photographer or want to know the best wedding photography styles, we have got you covered in our handy guide.


Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography is an amalgamation of colors, riots, rituals and magnificent outfits. It is usually a multi-day event with a couple of functions happening simultaneously. The best Indian wedding photographers in the U.S are always on the lookout to capture all the moments in their full glory. We suggest knowing about these prominent Indian wedding photography styles to get started!

Many a time’s people associate traditional Indian wedding photography with something routine and obsolete, however, this is not true. Traditional Indian wedding photography is one of the most classic, simple yet elegant approaches.

With the focus on the couple and relatives, traditional wedding photographers take shots in standard shooting angles. Here the emphasis is on capturing all the staged moments (exchange of rings, the first dance, practice of rituals) in their full glory to make them memorable for years to come.

This is perhaps the most unique style of Indian wedding photography that captures the true magic of Indian wedding. Being highly detailed oriented, photographers try to capture moments with an element of storytelling in them.

All decorations and props like flowers, fabrics, hues, colors, and outfits are used to make the shots picturesque and lively. Various angles and poses are carefully directed by the photographer to provide an artistic edge and appeal to the wedding rituals.

As the name suggests, this photography style focuses on capturing true emotions and vibes of couple and everyone around.

Indian Weddings are no events but a gala affair, hence candid photography style explores capturing shots in their truest form. Every emotion such a smile, tear or joy is carefully captured by the wedding photographer to create everlasting photos.

What is a wedding that has no drama to it? Dramatic wedding photography at Indian weddings is all about creating sensuality and spice.

Shots in flashy lightnings and bright backgrounds are taken to show a couple in their spectacular wedding glory. The photographers often focus on picturesque backgrounds to give a Bollywood edge to the event.

While each of the wedding styles of Indian photography mentioned above has their own nuances, the emphasis lies on capturing creativity. The perfect backgrounds, proper lighting, and expertise of a wedding photographer are important to bring creative imagery of Indian wedding alive!


Given the vast magnitude of Indian wedding photography, hiring professional services of a wedding photographer is a must for couples looking forward to capturing their Big-Day. While for professional photographers, a good understanding of the customer requirements and a prior meeting is necessary before getting started!

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