Location: Choose a location that is beautiful or meaningful to you. Parks, beaches, marinas and downtown areas are all locations that create beautiful backgrounds. Engagement videography is great for capturing the essence of your relationship so think about your home, your first date or where you met for those intimate moments. You can always schedule multiple locations.

Time: One to two hours before sunset is the BEST lighting for outdoor sessions which provide a beautiful glow.

Clothing Hints: The clothes you choose can influence your engagement videography session. Pick outfits coordinate and go together both in style and color. You can dress up or dress casual depending on the look and artistic direction you would like for your video. Men look great in collars.

What to Wear:


Fitted clothing to show off belly

Textures (linen, lace, knit, wool)

Collars or necklines

What Not to Wear:

Shiny distracting materials

If you go sleeveless bring a cover-up too

Baggy clothing

Busy Patterns & Designs.

Bring Items: Props can add individuality to your engagement videography session. Think about items that have to mean to you and help tell the story of your love. Pinterest and Etsy have adorable ideas like cute signs, banners, and props.

Lifestyle Videography: Candid Videography captures the romance, essence of your love and your relationship. We will help “set the scene”, fix flyaway hairs and make sure you look your best.

Your satisfaction of your Engagement Videography session is most important. Together we will customize a Videography collection and session that will make your heart happy. It is an honor to capture this important and amazing time. Book your Engagement Videography session with us Now!!

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