Colors, celebration, endless delicious food, traditions, and rituals are what comes to our mind when we think of an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are not confined to one day. There are pre-wedding celebrations which usually last for three days or more depending upon the type of the wedding and the place where it is happening. It is a delight to watch wedding moments again and again as they help us cherish the charisma of the wedding. The trend of wedding videography is quite old but the techniques to do better videography, ideas about what to capture and how to capture, and cameras and videography equipment have evolved a lot over a period time. This evolution has led us towards a new way to capture weddings and this is cinematic videography. Some people also prefer to have traditional videography but somehow cinematic videography is preferred more because it shapes an already exciting event into a form a story which is quite fascinating to watch and enjoy.


Type of camera- The camera and its accompanying equipment required to capture a cinematic video are more advanced and high quality. Generally, DSLR’s or mirrorless cameras are used by the best wedding photographers to capture high definition videos. On the other hand, since a traditional video does not demand much effects and dramatic shots, therefore it does not require equipment which is highly advanced technologically. It is more up to the Indian wedding videographer that which camera to use and it is his duty to give the best out of what he has and can do.

Execution– Everything which happens at the wedding is covered by the Indian wedding videographer. The video is then analyzed and edited to make it an interesting flow of frames. Sequential execution of moments captured along with a background music a perfect definition of traditional videography. Cinematic videography is quite different as it is structured in the form of a story or we can say that it is not necessarily in a linear order.

Producing time- Creating cinematic video requires more production time than traditional videos. Even if the photographer is average in his field or is the best wedding photographer in his area then also he cannot cut short the time or effort a cinematic video demands.

Video length- Cinematic videos are short and crisp on the other hand traditional videos are a bit longer as compared to cinematic videos.

Depth of field in the movie- In cinematic videography, you will experience blurring effect which is called shallow depth of field in contrast to this in traditional videos generally large depth of field is used throughout the video.

Price- Although the traditional video is longer than cinematic since cinematic videos require more effort and ideas to carve a simple video into a narrative story, therefore the Indian wedding videographers charge more it.

Even though there are many factors which differentiate traditional videos from cinematic Indian wedding videography, but it is very difficult to generalize the fact about which type of videography is better than others. There are photographers who work so enthusiastically and creatively that they make any type of wedding video outstandingly good. These photographers come in the category of the best wedding photographer. If you are worried about where to find such photographers, then stop worrying and visit avs360 today. It is a great platform to find wonderful Indian wedding videographers and photographers. The company has covered more than a thousand wedding events of different types. Not just weddings, avs360 has a team of professional photographers who can also cover the events like birthday parties, engagement etc.

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