You have hired the best wedding photographer, and have planned each detail in your mind, but wait. Is that Excitement or Anxiety?  

Advance Video Solutions, known as the best Indian Wedding Photographer, gives you 8 key points to let you overcome your anxiety and plan, nothing but the best!

It’s your Big Day, a dream day that you have planning in your mind since then. You are bursting with happiness and excitement.  But wait! Is that real excitement or is it anxiety building up. Your wedding day is approaching and at one moment you are excited and in next you are worried!

You fall asleep, dreaming yourself and your beloved in a marvelous outfit and at 5 a.m. you wake up worrying about trying the outfit, which has still not been finalized yet. You think about the food to be served at the reception and suddenly you panic about not finalizing your table covers.


Worry not! These are the common wedding jitters that a majority of the newlywed face. According to a survey, 71% of brides face the nervousness building up before their wedding day. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of brides felt the similar emotions building up either a night before the wedding or on the wedding day.

At AVS, we have covered around 1000 weddings, have met many couples. Being the best DC wedding photographer, we take time in meeting our brides and grooms before the wedding day, try to develop a comfort level, so that they can be at ease during the shoot. Weddings are an occasion full of festivities emotions, joyfulness, excitement, madness, some sadness, and mostly stress. Shockingly, one emotion that we found common among all the couples was stress and anxiety.

Through our vast experience in covering Indian weddings, Afghan weddings, and well known as Best Indian wedding photographer, we collected all our experience and have come up with the following tips and advice that we give to all our couples.


Yes! We know that its wedding time and there is a lot to be done. You are panicking as things are not going as planned. But pause for a while, take a deep breath (if one deep breath doesn’t work, take many deep breaths) and RELAX!

The stress and pressure are not going to make things happen. So pause and relax.

Try to jot down each and everything to organize everything, so that you can check out everything that has been taken care of. There will be slip ups but don’t worry, try to minimize the slip-ups by jotting down and organizing everything.

That’s right, you can’t do everything all by yourself. To create a list of relatives & friends who could be a good resource and delegate the tasks to them. Look for friends who recently got married, they have been through the same and they may share the list of vendors and contacts. Most people love to be part of the game, so they might excitedly agree to participate and work for you. So hey, you got a team who will be working for you.

This is very important! If you want to streamline everything you need to follow up with the people to whom you have assigned the task to make sure everything is on track and nothing comes up at the 11th hour.

Yes! in all that hustle and bustle, don’t forget yourself. Get yourself a manicure, pedicure & spa treatments. Spend time with your family and your fiancé or fiancee. Someone with whom you are planning to share your life with. It’s their wedding too, so share, discuss and spend time with each other together.

No matter, what the circumstances are, there is ONE most important thing that you must do is, EAT well and SLEEP well. At your wedding, you are the most important person. Selection of the chair color or the choice of flowers can wait. If you are not well nourished, your skin will look tired and no matter which makeup artist you choose or what products they choose, it will still show up in your photos.

For your skin’s sake, stay hydrated, with all the anxiety bursting up, and with so many tasks to do. One thing that we all tend to forget is staying Hydrated! And by saying “hydrated” we as your photographer wouldn’t recommend taking alcohol and caffeinated drinks. In fact, we would suggest you stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.

Do take plain water and fresh juices. Despite the fact, that as the festivity time approaches, you would also like to enjoy a glass or two. Or the anxiety and the pressure would force you to gulp on caffeine drinks. IT SHOWS on your wedding day.

So enjoy plenty of water and fresh juices.

In the end, the one great advice we would give you is no matter for how long you have been planning for, and what resources you have put in. Something will surely not be the way you planned. It might go exceptionally well or may fall behind in some area.

Remember, all weddings are beautiful. It’s a time where two people come close, tie their knot and vow to share their love and lives together.

No matter what goes wrong, weddings are immensely beautiful. It’s the love that binds together.  So even if things are not going well together, doesn’t matter, pause and re-plan it. Enjoy the moment.

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