There is something special about Indian Weddings, isn’t it? The colors, the flowers, and the lavish outfits come together to create a rich tapestry of culture and heritage. Indian weddings are vibrant occasions where friends and family gather to celebrate the union of two souls in marriage. Everyone engaged in the event can have varied reactions, and many emotions may arise during the ceremonies and events, ranging from happiness and excitement to nostalgia. 

From the bride’s pleasure when she finally sees the husband to the groom’s nervousness as he waits for his bride’s arrival. Every last detail from your wedding deserves to be immortalized in the most special way so that you can revisit your special day again and again. Fortunately, we have cameras to record and preserve these cherished moments. 

But not all photographers can click these moments the way they deserve to be captured. Unless you hire an experienced photographer for your wedding, you may find critical moments missing from your wedding album. 

A good photographer captures a moment along with the feelings and emotions accompanying it. An important event like marriage requires a highly proficient photographer who knows how to capture the essence of your wedding. 

The issue is that it can be challenging to find such excellent photographers at a reasonable price. Many amateur photographers can demand exorbitant prices for weddings while delivering low-quality images.

AVS360 offers you a team of expert photographers and videographers who are experts in Indian Wedding Photography specifically. We have been capturing the special moments from Indian Weddings for over a decade now, honing our skills to capture the highest quality photos and videos of your Indian Wedding.

However, you don’t need just to take our word for it, as our work speaks for itself. You can check out our Indian wedding photography and engagement portfolios here. 


Indian Wedding Photography in DC

Finding a good photographer for Indian Weddings can be difficult, especially in Washington, DC. But you don’t need to look any further. AVS360 provides you with the best wedding photography and videography services in DC and surrounding areas.

We see your decision to hire a wedding photographer as an important investment. After all the vows and ceremonies are said and done, these pictures and recordings will be the only things that will preserve the memory of this occasion for future generations. That’s why we invest in the best camera and lighting setup to provide high-quality photos and videos. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the wedding of your dreams is captured in all its glory. 

With their characteristic blend of modern customs and old traditions, Indian Weddings can seem almost surreal. That’s why we make it our duty to ensure that these memories persevere in the form of photographs and videos for a long time.


Couple in Indian Wedding

Deeply ingrained in history and tradition, Indian weddings frequently feature several customs and ceremonies that last several days and involve many friends and relatives. These ceremonies can last multiple hours and even occur simultaneously in two locations. For example, the Haldi ceremony usually takes place at the same time, but the venues are often different for the bride and the groom. 

Indian Weddings are not all the same either. The time duration, the ceremony timings, and even the number of ceremonies can vary greatly among the different kinds of Indian Weddings. For instance, there are many differences between a Punjabi-style wedding and a marriage ceremony conducted as per South Indian traditions. Thus, there is no cookie-cutter way around Indian wedding photography. You need a team with considerable experience in capturing Indian Weddings. Your team should be able to identify the subtle differences in wedding ceremonies and traditions as per your and your partner’s backgrounds.

When you hire AVS360 for your Indian wedding, you can let us take over the shooting responsibility and focus entirely on your wedding and the different ceremonies. We offer you incredibly flexible Indian wedding packages so you can set the photography team’s schedule as per your requirements. 


Indian Family in Wedding

Once you give us your details, our team will contact you and inquire about your wedding schedule. We will also provide you with several options for a personalized Indian wedding package that includes all of the wedding’s events based on the information you provide. Due to our customized approach, we offer more affordable wedding photography than other photographers in Washington, DC, and Virginia.

If you are interested in hiring us for your wedding, check out our Indian Wedding Photography and Videography Portfolio, which clearly shows our expertise in shooting for Indian Weddings. We capture each moment with such finesse that every time you look at one of the photos or videos from your Indian wedding, it will be as though you are right there.

If you intend to inquire about the best Indian wedding photography in Virginia and the DC area, then you can contact AVS 360 Photo & Video now!

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