The wedding day is one of the most treasured parts of someone’s life. It would be awesome if you had the moments captured by expert photographers from AVS Photo & Video because it is the photos that live to tell the tale of your D-Day. 

At AVS Photo & Video, we do complete justice to your special day. We are known to capture the moments in the best way ever. When you look back at the album, you’re going to feel like it was just yesterday that you tied the knot!

We have curated a list of poses that are mandatory to capture for every wedding; let’s have a look:


Wedding Photography

When the couple looks back at the album, they should be able to relive every moment. Everything is essential, be it invitation cards or wedding rings. Wedding photography has changed, and so have the angles. Gone are the days when it used to be all about people. Now, it is about the little details.

It is essential to take the pre-wedding shots of the bride and groom getting ready. We’ll click the bride along with her bridesmaid while they witness her getting dolled up. We won’t forget to capture the groom with his squad in their candid moments, as well.

Our experts won’t miss out on clicking the bride while she’s getting her hair done. Capture the fresh and beautiful portraits of the bride, which you can use while you create a video.

Once the wedding is done, it is evident that the bride will be tired, so that the photos won’t look that fresh. This is the reason why we click her wedding photos fresh out of the vanity!

The twirl is one of the cutest moments to capture. It is adorable to watch a bride twirl right after she is all dolled up. When the bride twirls, we get the perfect click of her attire plus the happy face.

It’s a fact that the moments before the wedding ceremony happen to be a favorite for the brides.

Family & Cousins Wedding Photo

Capturing the bride and groom with their parents is a must! It gives that much-needed emotional touch to your complete album. It is something for the family to cherish for the rest of their lives.

We have to click the bride and the groom individually as well. Try different poses and angles for the wedding photos rather than sticking to the conventional ones. We click the images where we can capture their personality as well.

People spend a bomb when it comes to the decoration of the venue. You must include the venue in the wedding photos, or people will be disappointed when they look back at them. We try to capture the venue without people as well so that the focus stays on the decor.

This goes without saying that you have to click the bride while she makes her grand entry to the venue along with her relatives. Likewise, the groom’s entry is also equally important, and we make sure that you capture the fun bits of it.

Couples like to get candid shots with their guests, and we give them what they want. We ensure that we get the best moments when couples spend time with their family members and friends.

This is one of the essential parts of any wedding photo that should occupy substantial space in your camera roll. Try to get the best candid shots while they exchange the garlands and rings. We’ll also capture the romantic glances that they are going to adore forever.

Candid Wedding Photo

Never be away from the couple, particularly after the wedding ceremonies are over. They will reward you with some great moments that are without a doubt tranquilizing.

Happy conversations, forehead kisses, holding hands, laughing out at each other’s jokes, the bride leaning on the groom’s shoulders can be a part of the wedding story you are knitting.

The times are changing, as are the ways to enter the venue. Couples try these new fun and quirky ways to enter the reception together. You have to match the foot with them and keep up with the trend. Make it a point to capture this fun in the wedding photos in a quirky manner.

Every wedding has kids, and couples tend to spend time with them. Make sure you capture them with the little ones if you wish your wedding photos to be super cute.

There’s no doubt that weddings will have dance performances and you have to capture the zeal in the pics. Take the rehearsal shots and the ShowTime bits as well to have a fun wedding photo album.

When the bride leaves her humble abode and begins a new life, it is the most moving part of a wedding. However, these moments are worth a shot and deserve a place in the wedding photos album. We make sure the right emotions are captured, and when you look back, you might get teary eyes all over again.


The wedding is one of the most memorable events in anyone’s life, and we at AVS Photo & Video ensure that your wedding photos are captured to tell the tale. Our photographers will make these memories for you because you’ll want to adore them in the future. 

Get in touch with us to get your wedding on an album in the most memorable way ever!

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