Secret proposal photography is just one of those things that are taking the wedding industry by storm. And it makes sense, too. After all, getting engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for most people!), and capturing the experience will help you relive it for years to come. 

If you are looking to get the perfect picture for your milestone moment, then hiring a secret proposal photographer is definitely the right move for you. Your proposal will be one of the most significant moments of your life, and a proposal photography session can ensure that this moment gets frozen in time. 


We all know that wedding photography is huge these days, from detailed shots of the invite and the location to the bride and groom photoshoots that last for hours, both pre and post-wedding. 

As a professional photography company, AVS 360 assures you that capturing the “YES” moment is just as unique as shooting the “I do” moment. 

The whole idea behind secret proposal photography is to capture an exceptionally special moment that can usually not be photographed. Each story behind a proposal is different and unique to the lovers. And it is up to the photographer to effectively capture your special moment. 



Planning to book a secret proposal photography session to capture the moment you pop the question to your other half is really cute. Deciding where this proposal will happen is, however, one of the biggest and most important tasks you must get out of the way first. 

Washington, D.C., can be counted as one of the most aesthetic places in the U.S. to take wedding and engagement photos. It becomes even more special if you are a native there and your love story has blossomed in the state! 

If you are looking for the ideal spot to plan a secret proposal, here is our list of the top 10 locations in Washington, D.C., that would be perfect for you and your noteworthy moment. 


Rock Creek Park is a brilliant location for planning your secret proposal if you and your partner are nature lovers. It is also great for capturing your engagement moment, as it can help create a magnificent natural background of beautiful trees and foliage. The park does cover a lot of ground in Northwest Washington, so you might want to do a few site visits before finalizing the best place in the area to ask the big question. 

You can choose the Boulder Bridge for its rugged beauty. The Rapids Bridge also provides a great backdrop with trees and whooshing water around. 


The National Mall, located in Washington, D.C., is one of the most picture-friendly places in the state. Home to the FDR, Jefferson, and King memorials, along with the world-famous Lincoln Monument, it is a place where America’s past, present, and future come together. It would be the perfect place to symbolize your relationship’s past, present, and future as well! 

The National Mall can provide some of the most iconic backdrops for your secret proposal photography. Whether you choose a breathtaking view of the sparkling Reflecting Pool or one of the stone monuments, this location will definitely add significance to your moment. 


If you are thinking of a mixture of greenery and architecture, then Meridian Hill Park is the place for your proposal. The park is full of beautiful hidden nooks and crannies that afford you the perfect amount of privacy while providing a picturesque background for your secret proposal photography session. 

The long cascading fountain at Meridian Hill Park (which just happens to be one of the longest fountains in North America) and the brooding bushes that resemble Italian gardens can give your engagement shots a lot of variety, making every picture unique and versatile. It also happens to be free of cost! 


Library of Congress is another incredible location that can provide great natural light and beautiful angles for your shoot. Located near the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings, the Library of Congress is a great indoor location if you plan a winter proposal or during the rainy season! Just make sure to go right after they open so you can avoid the tourists and crowds.


The Capitol Building is one of the most iconic buildings in the United States of America. 

The East side of the Capitol building offers a lot of greenery, walking space, and walking paths that can give the perfect amount of space and exposure for your secret proposal photography. And it will cost you zero money! 


Feeling nervous about proposing in front of a crowd? Plan your proposal in Roosevelt Island! This is an excellent spot for a proposal you want to do privately and can produce some superb secret proposal photography results. The place makes a great spot for an intimate moment with your special someone and helps create stunning shots, especially when the leaves are turning in fall. 


D.C.’s National Arboretum provides a splendid background for pictures. The location is bursting with natural beauty, and the rustic National Capitol Columns are the perfect place to pop the big question. You can also opt for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride on the surrounding grounds. The nature and gothic architecture will definitely add character to your secret proposal photography pictures! 


Georgetown Waterfront can be the ideal place for a surprise proposal because, literally, no one will see it coming except you and the photography team. Located just off historic Georgetown, this place is perfect for strolling around and exploring shops before heading to the Georgetown Waterfront Park to enjoy some nice weather and ask questions! 


Do you know why the Kennedy Center would be splendid for your secret proposal photography? Because no matter what time of the day it is, no matter what the season is, the balcony of The Kennedy Center manages to capture the beauty and essence of Washington in its totality. 

Another cool factor is that date night at The Kennedy Center usually requires a certain amount of dressing up. So you and your love can doll yourselves up, have a romantic evening, and look your best for your proposal pictures! 


If you or your other half is a major fan of floral backgrounds and flowers, then you can’t go wrong with the U.S. Botanic Gardens for your secret proposal photography session. This location will also give you a certain amount of guarantee of getting a screaming “YES!” from your lover because who can say no to getting married while surrounded by exotic flowers and plants? 

Do make sure that you get the required approvals for tripods and other photography equipment to be allowed in the Gardens while you are planning your secret proposal. 


If you want to hire the best professionals for your secret proposal photography in Washington, D.C., then AVS 360 is at your service. 

Your proposal is a rare moment and can be made even more unforgettable by the AVS 360 team. Our proposal photography team has nearly a decade’s worth of combined experience capturing the incredible moments leading up to and after your surprise proposal.

Here are some of the things AVS 360 prepares for in advance to ensure your secret proposal photography session goes smoothly. 

The digital pictures are edited and delivered within a week, so you can use the perfect shot for your engagement announcement! 


AVS360 believes in making every moment incredible, whether it’s your surprise proposal, engagement, or wedding. Our team understands that every couple will have unique requirements for their secret proposal photography session, and we make sure to prepare accordingly. Our customized Surprise Proposal Photography Packages allow our clients to be comfortable and satisfied with their choice before the proposal itself. 

AVS 360 also offers wedding photography, engagement photography, and family portrait services to make sure your memorable moments don’t just remain fleeting moments of joy.  Book your consultation appointment for your surprise proposal today by leaving us with your details and the planned date for the event. Leave the rest to us! 

AVS 360 – Making real life and real moments extraordinary.

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